New: enjoy the GRID viewing mode and the power of the API

Lucie Casamitjana
29 / 08 / 2018
Grid article

All business processes are different, such as the needs of our users! That’s why Bubblz experts have focused on deploying new features providing to users a platform more relevant to the way they work. More powerful and user friendly, your application allows you to choose the viewing mode you prefer and to stay connected to your work environment.

#1 Choose your viewing mode 

Thanks to this upgrade, Bubblz gives the possibility to its users to choose the viewing mode they prefer in order to manage all their projects. Whether you prefer Grid (table view) or Kanban (column view), access to all your projects information and data from a single entry point. Make your process progress, execute and automate the actions previously set up.  Do you want to group your projects by users or stages? Benefit from the powerful filtering and grouping assets for your projects. Save the right view and access it anytime.

#2 Enjoy the power of the API 

Connecting your Bubblz platform to your entire work ecosystem is now possible. Dropbox, Slack, all interactions between Bubblz and your daily tools are facilitated. Automate card creation, task assignment, or document storage. Easy to use, take your process automation to the next level by enjoying the power of the API and focus on your core business. Fast, robust and powerful, the API engine is both secure and well documented. All application objects have from their own creating, updating, and deleting methods.

#3 Powerful and easy to use

In addition to these two new major features, Bubblz process engine is more powerful to support its users in managing their recurring processes, from the simplest one to the most complex and strategic one. Committed to provide an easy to use tool,  creating your own application is just a piece of cake.


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