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Press officers, focus on the human side of things!

Lucie Casamitjana
06 / 07 / 2018
Attache%cc%81s de presse

The media is expanding and press officers, who used to focus on the traditional media such as the press, television and radio, have had to learn to reach out to other, more digital channels and target different consumer profiles. Relationships with information sources are incalculable and their codes are changing as well. Journalists, bloggers, influencers - there are so many new relationships that need to be built and nurtured. Given the increase in workload, press officers, who have become “media officers”, need tools to help them focus on projects with real added value.

Relationships are the very essence of a press officer’s job. Automation tools are there to help PR professionals to concentrate on their role: building and maintaining relationships with information sources. People are at the heart of the press strategy. No tool can ever replace the development of this relationship. Digital is there to free up their time so that they can build this strategy based on trust and commitment.

Facilitate the writing of press releases

Writing press releases remains one of the press officer’s most important tasks. While it might seem simple from an outside perspective, it is anything but simple!  Information sources are overstretched and amongst this mass of requests, standing out from the crowd is no mean feat. The message needs to be high-quality and attractive, but also concise... And on top of this is the strategic issue. The approval processes for press releases tend to be long, and there are many stakeholders involved. Bubblz allows you to streamline the production of this highly strategic content and facilitate the approval process.

>> Import a free press release writing process

Monitor your media impact effectively

The follow-up phase can be long. If you have sent your press release to a large number of your contacts, it can sometimes be difficult to know what point you’re at. Who got back to me? Who is waiting for me to send them additional information? Who wants to schedule an interview? Bubblz allows you to digitalise your entire follow-up process while maintaining an overview of the progress of each publication project.

>> Import a free media impact management process

Identify and qualify influencers simply

Finding the right people to communicate about and represent your brand is never easy. The rise of social media has further complicated the task of identifying representatives. Amongst all of the influencers who are appearing in ever larger numbers on various social media networks, you need to find the one who will be able to accurately focus on your target market while being in line with your brand’s values and DNA. The processes of identifying and contacting these influencers can be long and more complex than they seem. Bubblz allows you to define all of the steps and criteria needed to identify influencers and ensure steady progress.

Keep track of the profiles that interest you and insert them into your Bubblz workflow. Using the platform, store and centralise all of the information relating to bloggers, influencers and journalists. Use colour labels to differentiate each individual.

Are you part of a team? Bubblz helps you to facilitate cooperation between people working on the same process and to know who has contacted which influencer. All you need to do is assign the labels corresponding to the influencers to one of your colleagues.

Make monitoring more efficient; in just a few clicks you will be able to take stock of the relationship progress with each of these media players.

Do you need to send items to them at a specific time (press release, press kit, illustrations, etc.)? You can automate the sending of these items from the platform.

>> import a process for identifying influencers

Nouveau call-to-action

Hold a press conference with peace of mind

Organising a press conference can be stressful and the event has to be perfect, and reflect the image of your company. Make things easier for yourself by digitalising the management of the event on Bubblz. Do you need to monitor registrations? Send additional information to participants? Optimise how you monitor external services, from quotes to invoicing?  All of these “logistical” and time-consuming tasks involved with organising the event are facilitated and automated!

>> Import a free event organisation process


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