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7 good reasons to collaborate effectively on Bubblz

Lucie Casamitjana
20 / 06 / 2018

Collaboration is key when it comes to project management. While effective collaboration can move mountains, poor communication and sharing between teams can have a negative impact on the accomplishment of tasks. At the level of a small company, this collaboration is inherent and natural. The members of each project communicate naturally and on a daily basis about their good progress without it becoming an arduous task. As soon as the number of employees or stakeholders of a project increase, collaboration can quickly turn into a nightmare... Everybody wants to be heard, there are more and more validators, the distribution of tasks is not optimised, some duties are not carried out, or are carried out poorly due to a lack of clarity regarding who is doing what...

Bubblz has developed 8 features for optimal collaboration when it comes to managing your recurrent processes. You have almost certainly ended with “But I sent you an email about it 15 days ago, if you remember ” at some point.

Manage everybody’s permission 

On Bubblz, all members belonging to the same team are part of the same organisation. This organisation brings together all of the recurrent processes of the team in question. For an HR team, for example, there would be a Co-optation process, a traditional recruitment process, a process for managing annual interviews and a training request process. Not all of the members of the same team are working on all of the projects and therefore they don’t need to be lumbered with information that they don't need. This is why Bubblz provides each of the members of the organisation with a personalised dashboard. The administrator of the organisation, often the department head or manager, will have an overview while being able to define their team's access rights.

Secure the validation processes

Validation processes can sometimes complicate collaboration between teams. “I can’t move forward if these elements are not approved”...“I’m waiting for their go ahead to publish”... These sticking points have a negative impact on teams’ performance regardless of their activity. Bubblz enables communication between various workflows in the same organisation for more fluidity. Let’s say you're in charge of communication and you are waiting for your manager’s approval before publishing. Once the writing step has been completed and the article has been uploaded onto the platform, click the action button. The project will enter the “pending approval” step of your workflow and the “to be approved” step of your manager’s. Once they have approved the article, you’ll be notified of its progress to the next step.

Oversee everything 

Although the 4-hour meeting on a Monday morning gives you the opportunity to take stock of the progress of each of your team member's projects, it is now a thing of the past. The manager has access to all of his teams’ dashboards so that they can have an overview of all the ongoing projects. On their dashboard they have real-time indicators for their department’s activity.

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Interact from the platform 

Each label has a project-specific comment field. The various members of staff collaborating on the same project can therefore keep track of their exchanges and/or clarify certain elements.

You might want to inform somebody that a project is progressing well or let them know that some elements needed to finalise it are missing. You have the option of sending emails from your application’s workflow automatically or semi-automatically. No more wasted time!

Assign projects and tasks 

Do you find hard to know who is in charge of what and do you need to delegate certain tasks without too much hassle? Thanks to Bubblz, you can assign projects and tasks to your various employees. The relevant team member is automatically notified about the task assigned to them and the deadlines that need to be met. Once in their workflow, they can find the project in question along with the relevant information to help them carry it out successfully. For the purpose of visualisation, the user photo is displayed on the project label.

Smart file sharing and storage 

Share documents: You are tired of WeTransfer files expiring and files littering your desktop? Well, that’s lucky, because so are we! That’s why we allow our users to upload and centralise project files.

Communicate with external parties 

Because managing some of your projects sometimes requires you to collaborate with people outside of your team, Bubblz helps you to interact more smoothly and efficiently with your clients, service providers, candidates or suppliers! Rest assured, these external parties won’t have access to your process data.


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